I began my working career at the young age of eight making sausage and sweeping floors for the local butcher. But that’s not where my heart was. I enjoyed taking things apart and figuring out what made them tick. When I was sixteen I started working for my uncle in the refrigeration repair business. I’m still doing it, so I guess you could say it was my calling. After completing military service in 1971, I attended trade school and started my own business at the age of 24. I designed innovative service techniques which culminated in developing one of the regions largest and respected service companies in the metropolitan area. In the mid-eighties I developed one of the first appliance repair franchises in the US. As a member of the International Franchise Association I served on the Franchise/Franchisor Relations Committee where I helped develop better relationships between franchisors and franchisees. In the early nineties, after seeing a need for a specialized service catering to the high-end appliance market, I started and am currently running Aaron’s Refrigeration Company in New York City.  In 2010 and 2011 Aaron’s company received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.


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